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Some Crafting Guides for Path of Exile Players

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As the in-game currency in Path of Exile is required for both crafting and trading items, crafting is especially important in Path of Exile, but for many Path of Exile players, successful crafts can be very lucrative for players because they will allow you to make a profit. Here we give you some crafting techniques to help you go further in the game.

There are a number of crafting techniques that you can choose from. They differ in terms of the amount of orbs required, as well as the rarity of the base item and the item you’re going to craft.

Basic crafting techniques
You have a few options to directly upgrade a white (normal) item to either a magic or rare item. They don’t require very expensive currency, but don’t have much customization possible either. One orb will usually do the job.
There are three ways to do this (taken from Invalesco’s Crafting Guide)
Use an Orb of Transmutation on a white item (Normal/Common) to upgrade it to amagic item.
Use a Orb of Chance on a white item to get either a magic, rare or unique version of the item. The rarity is chosen completely randomly (although higher rarities are less likely).
Use an Orb of Alchemy. This makes your white item rare.
These basic methods are inexpensive but their outcome is arbitrary.

Advanced crafting techniques
Instead of changing all the modifiers on an item at once, you can also add each one separately. This is a more reliable way of crafting and you can make sure that you add only desirable mods. This is however quite pricey and therefore you are recommended to only use these techniques to craft high-level gear. These methods are taken from Invalesco’s crafting guide.
Chaos Orb crafting: after you have alched an item, you use chaos orbs until you get the desired mods. You can also use Scour + Alch to get the same effect. This method is not recommended for getting specific modifiers.
The Systematic Alt/Regal/Exalt Method: an effective method to get the mods you want. It consists of a series of steps you follow.
Start with a white item (preferably with a high item level)
Use an Orb of Transmutation
Keep spamming Orbs of Alteration until you get the two mods you want.
Use Regal Orb. If you roll an unwanted mod, scour the item and start over at step one.
(Use Eternal Orb to make an imprint of the item. Although it isn’t essential to use an eternal at this step, it is the safest way to craft. If your exalts turn out bad, you have something to fall back on.)
Use three Exalted Orbs. (If you roll an unwanted mod, restore the item with the Eternal Orb.)
If necessary, use a Divine Orb or Blessed Orb to alter the mod values.

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Rocket League V1.76 Update Available for All Platforms

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Just a few days ago, Psyonix announced that a brand-new mode called Heatseeker would go live on April 16. Before its reveal for all platforms, the developer launched an update of v1.76 version in order to make everything go smoothly in Rocket League. The new update does not contain much content, and it is mainly about some bug fixes.

As Psyonix said before, the new 3v3 Heatseeker mode makes it easy for players to score goals. Therefore, lots of players are excited to have a try in this mode. To make it more appealing and attractive to players, Psyonix has done their best to fix problems that may occur in Rocket League.

Here is the full patch notes of the v1.76 update. As we saide above, the v1.76 update is all about bug fixes. It fixes a bug with Quality filter during trade-ins, and also fixes appearance of ball indicator on Forbidden Temple. Now, the v1.76 update is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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Why Path of Exile is So Popular Among Global Fans?

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Path of Exile is a role-playing game developed by New Zealand developer Grinding Gear Games, known as the successor to the Diablo series. This game brings a lot of joy to the players. There are a few reasons why Path of Exile has a large number of fans around the world.

Reasons to the Popularity of Path of Exile
A Good MMORPG Game Free of Charge
Path of Exile is indeed a good video game with free-to-play game content for players to enjoy. That’s one of the reasons why it is popular among players.

Strong Development Team
GGG attaches great importance to the opinions of players, which can be seen from each update in the game. GGG is willing to listen to players’ suggestions so that they can make a more attractive video game.

Unique Economic System
Players who are familiar with Path of Exile know that there is a unique economic system in the game. POE Currency is the core of the economic system, which contains a variety of unique POE Currency, which is the “money” used by players in the Path of Exile! Each POE Currency allows for a specific role in the reorganization of the character’s passive ability tree in the case of a device that creates and enhances the character or in the case of a regrettable orb.

Constant Updates and Innovations
Everything will be lifeless without innovations. The developer of Path of Exile totally understands what it means. Therefore, they have tried hard to make constant updates and innovations, bringing new elements to the game. They also give clear explanations to help players better understand game rules, maps and other customs.

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What’s the Most Valuable Item in Rocket League? 

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Rocket League is a sought-after game for global players. Since release, it has attracted millions of players swarming into the game, and the number of players is still on the rise. As we all know, items are important video games, Rocket League is no exception. But do you know what’s the most expensive item in Rocket League? Are you curious about how to get it?

According to the information on the Internet, the most valuable item in Rocket League is White Hat. The term White Hat refers to an ethical computer hacker, or a computer security expert, who specializes in penetration testing and in other testing methodologies to ensure the security of an organization’s information systems. However, the White Hat in Rocket League is a topper rarely given by the Developers, to a player who discovers and comes forward with a severe Rocket League exploit.

The currency price of White Hat on PC is average 139,854.57 in this week, and higher than 150,000.00 USD in the past.Almost every Rocket League fan is desperatedly wanted this coveted item. However, it is not granted by request, which is only given in very rare situations. The White Hat topper is recorded to be owned only by four players who help the developers fix a critical exploit in the game, instead of abusing the exploit. Therefore, it is hardly possible for the majority of players to get the valuable White Hat. Even so, you do not have to be upset, and there are lots of other attractive Rocket League Items for you to choose.

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