Anyone who plays Forza Horizon 3 will be happy

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Forza Horizon 3 is a racing game where almost anyone can pick up and have fun, but it still includes the depth of the promise of the player. Combine it with a beautiful environment, you can explore according to your own rhythm, and Forza Horizon 3 is one of the most powerful and comprehensive open world racers I ever played.

Forza Horizon 3 is not just a racing game. This is a huge, diverse playground, filled with car things. The horizon is a festival where lovers come to the game, pull the stunt, and enjoy the open road. Although the rural areas of Australia are not as dramatic as the cliffs of the Mediterranean villages in the past, it ensures more types of terrain. Forza Horizon 3 is understandable and eager to show its scope. Within five minutes, this road has let you through the lush rainforest, where the asphalt to the road to the wooden bridge, inside the claustrophobic dinosaur cave complex roof is very heavy, stalactite almost scratch your own, in the sparkling beaches On the sparkling coastal rocky meandering coastal suburbs, spectacular waterfalls must be quickly stopped, and perhaps the most notable is the vast interior of the red and yellow playgrounds. There are large streets of city streets, beaches, forests, fields and inland. Festivities are a good way to connect multiple types of vehicles to many different terrain, all under the umbrella of a unified competition, collaboration and skill celebration.

Different terrain in the course of the game is still particularly fascinating. If I feel like drifting in the forest, I can do it. If I want to speed up a city, I can. If I want to carry out desert cross-country courses through an unfinished construction site, I can do that.

These environments provide visual wonders that complement the different types of images: vehicles. Although the egalitarianism is enough to contain more conventional brands, the star in the game is clearly a miracle of technology and design, Lamborghini and Konigue, for most pure mortals, still outside the boundaries of digital fantasy can not achieve. The car in the Forza Horizo ​​n 3 has been designed to provide not only the actions in the game but also the pretty gadgets. You can choose to access your car in the garage so that you can view them from every imaginable point of view,

Forza Horizon 3 is able to get rid of its planning responsibilities and focus on virtual sightseeing. Physics is convincing, whether you are impeccable on a loose gravel, or trying to keep the grip of the grip, and artificial intelligence has improved significantly. Your opponent is actively over you and is willing to trade paint to protect your position. Various types of events, from traditional races to various stunt challenges, as well as new fleet functions, allow players to create their own events anytime, anywhere.

Most importantly, Forza Horizon 3, by almost rewarding everything you can do, turn every moment of driving into an exciting game with increasing bets. Forza Horizon 3 is not just a racing driver, but as an open world game. Each event offers a variety of awards. Money let you buy a new car I’ve always got a lot of Forza Horizon 3 Credits at, and then use these to buy their own car team. Every time you line up, XP will reward you through the “wheel rotation” – the slot machine to pay credit or high-end vehicles. Connected together with stunts such as rafting and narrowly approaching traffic, creating a scoreboard and a multiplier, if you keep it long enough or expire instantly if the interruption of the crash may be greatly rewarded you. This is one of the most enjoyable free roaming events in the game, although the final discovery of dense, non-hazardous plantations, which can maintain the nausea of ​​the chain, but the effect has weakened.

Forza Horizon 3 has chosen to compete for excitement to find freedom, this choice of price is a kind of unnecessary creeping, rather than being more and more icons on the map, but worse, the game The overall lack of structure. Asza Horizon 3 is still a pleasure as long as you are ready to actively plan your own experience and minimize the effects of unnecessary disturbances. The playground game creates a beautiful open world filled with stunning attractions and driving games based on fine-tuning systems.

I played and liked every Forza Horizon game, and in size, range and variety, it was the best. The horizon’s challenge is pleasant because its car is so satisfying to drive.

NBA Live Mobile to create a dedicated team with real players

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NBA Live mobile fun? Many players are asking NBA Live mobile version is not fun? “NBA LIVE Mobile” can make basketball players like to watch the NBA at the same time, but also their own team, win the opponent. NBA LIVE series for a strong return on the mobile platform has been officially on the Andrews and iOS dual platform and hardware and software requirements are still very lax, interested little partners hurry to download it.

“NBA LIVE Mobile” is a basketball game. The game uses a real 3D real-time calculus mechanism, the player will be able to manipulate any one of the players on the court to complete the prescribed action, and the competition between players there are more restraint and operating elements, which is very good to avoid the past game Often appear “the value of the king” phenomenon. Of course, in the game has been all the NBA 30 players in the case of copyright, the player will be able to use all the real players to create a dedicated team, for many idealist fans is undoubtedly happy. And the game every day to update the player value and NBA news will also be a major feature for this.

“NBA LIVE Mobile”, the player will be able to manipulate any player in his team, the competition between the team is no longer a numerical comparison, but by restraint and operating components to determine the outcome of the game. Of course, the game has been the NBA 30 team’s copyright, so players can pick their favorite star to build the team, which for many basketball fans can be described as quite happy. And the game will be based on the reality of the players update the value of the simulation will be more real.

The latest version of NBA Live Mobile has improved graphics and redesigned user interface, better through mechanics, allowing more realistic ball flow, and a new, fanatical ball system. Speaking of the fancy, the game now also allows cool alleyways, and there are some significant improvements in the animation. Developers also added shooting feedback to the game and claimed to help veteran players and novices. While these features are already large enough, it is worth updating independently, EA Mobile bundles them with a bunch of extra content through. The most important addition in this regard is the new rookie planning model designed to provide a realistic and real experience with the NBA rookie to play. More specifically, the program has 46 rookie, which is part of the 2016 NBA draft, including the promising Ben Simmons. Once started, this game mode provides players with daily and weekly goals to complete. Doing so will they have some draft and draw the ball, they can be used to promote their progress. In other words, playing games usually makes games easier, because EA Mobile continues to reward daily activities, even if you do not pay for in-app purchases, not the world’s most skilled mobile gamers.

Let’s talk about different game modes. Live events include your season games and various skill challenges to help you improve your skills. Some may be locked until the corresponding skill level is reached. The head-to-head game shows all those who play these games. You can challenge anyone to race.

NBA LIVE has an interesting head to head. Each player controls a quarter. Meaning that if you start an opponent’s game, you hit the first and third quarter of the AI ​​team on another team and they take the second and fourth season for your AI. With this style of the game, there are fewer opportunities to lag behind and destroy a game that makes it more enjoyable.

Playing a season with the traditional game on the season is no different. The exception is how many games you do not play, the last two minutes of each quarter. But you play the final, but i can not tell you what it is because i’m not very good That means you need to play and tweak my experience. This is of course a joke, except that I suck part of the game.

Finally, the last mode of the game is the league. There are already some leagues that you can join or 5000 coins, but you can easily buy NBA Live Mobile Coins, create a league. I suggest joining a league so you will feel the charm as a team leader.

You should also note that all the events will make you endurance to play. You start with 15 stamina and each level you get, you get a lot more ability. So the last ten you can have 16 stamina, instead of 15. use your physical after it is added after a while, or you can buy more in-app purchases.

The control is a very short area that can be over, but let’s get through it quickly. In the lower left corner you will have your “joystick” to move your player. On the right, it is divided into two categories, offensive and defensive. Attack includes passing, driving (sprint) and shooting, while defense has two controls, guards and blocks. Through the tutorial will explain how to use these.

To get all the extra, go to the store and buy a variety of random player packs. You can use real money, or you earn money after the game quies or defeats some of the challenges. The better you get, the more experience you get, the faster your upgrade. If you want a particular player or want to get rid of the extra player, you can use the auction section. This is some of their features, I do not even know what i want, but the perfect meaning. EA has stepped up this amazing pocket version of the basketball game. The picture is very smooth and there is no sign of delay or hiccups.

Use Madden mobile card pack to select your favorite game mode

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If you like American football games, Madden NFL Mobile is one of the most popular Android phone games and iOS your brother. EA Mobile as the publisher and developer of this game is doing expert sports games. EA sports game output really can not doubt, with 3D graphics and games play definitely cool. The output EA game has become a gamer for today’s magnet.

In this game, we will build an American football team in this game where there are a lot of players from past and present times, mobile EA might want to provide us with knowledge and do not know much about the land of Uncle Sam’s game. Compared to his football match, FIFA, everyone already knows a lot of football. In this game, we will play 16 games, our goal is to win the Super Bowl. In this game, we can also compete with other players in the field of activities skills and strategy. And cool again every live event will be a lot of awards waiting for you, from top players, coins, player packs, and so on.

On the other hand, players can choose to spend money to buy bundles as well as if they are willing to wrap. The purchase process is well simplified to allow the player to make the most easy purchase. This gives the player an easy opportunity to advance to a higher level in the game. I have always been buying Madden Mobile Coins instantly and thinking 24/7 friendly service LOLGA. Now not only established their own strong team, but also in the game with the master also learned a lot of different techniques and techniques.

Madden mobile NFL with all the players and all the necessary cards. An exact imitation of the actual playground, it presents a chance to stop as a viewer and enter the game. Through the “live event” and “season” mode, players can choose the mode they want to play.

A. On-site activities

In the live mode of activity, we can follow the practice of throwing, running, landing, kicking until the last time practicing short games. In addition, there are practice head to head and several other events. But in Live Events here, all events have a grace period, in other words, Live events always change every day. For every successful event you win, you are eligible to reward in the form of money and mystery cards.

B. head to head

Head to head repeatedly appeared in the live event, but head to head has its own column. Here you can fight against other teams from around the world (opponents). In addition, you can hit your own friend – this terkonek facebook- (friend). In this mode you need to win every game and collect as many fans as possible if you are lost and then ready to lose your fans. That’s how this game hugs the karibi fans. It’s ok.

C. season

Like a sports league, the season mode will show you a season for your team’s race schedule. Every game you pass, then you have the right to get a sum of money if you win will be better than if you lose money. Match match you will face until you finally do the last round, or in the NFL called Super Bowl. If you win the Super Bowl, then you are eligible for next season, definitely harder.

D. League

In our league mode you can choose to play in tournaments or championships. But first of all we have to join a league first group, or at least you can pay 5,000 coins to create a group of their own league. Then you will be asked to form a logo according to your wishes to the name of the league. Then you and your colleagues can hit each other with the format head to head.

The graphics in this game also made a very cool brother, 3D graphics and pengambaran players are very detailed. This game also has the player’s skill skills. So do not neyesel mainin this game bro. You can download it at the Google Play Store and App Store. If you have already got what you want, you can use these items as much as possible to defeat your enemies in the game Madden NFL Mobile is famous for this game by EA Sports Developer. This game can be said to be one of the best games from EA sau with highly detailed graphics. So it promises not to regret playing this game

MyNBA2K17 new card and player operating skills

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Award winning game “NBA 2K” series of supporting applications “MyNBA2K17” has now returned. Equipped with features such as using your mobile device to scan your face into “NBA 2K17” and the opportunity to earn a virtual currency every day. “MyNBA2K17” allows you to go further with “NBA 2K17” on XB1, PS4 and PC platforms. “MyNBA2K17” also includes the “NBA 2K” theme card collection game “MyTEAM Mobile”, the game, players can collect their favorite NBA player cards and legends, in the fast game, season championship, street ball challenge And special events within the game include rivalry and championship challenges in the world of competitors. This year’s version includes more cards and the largest team so far!

Feature Guide:

• Integrate “NBA 2K17”:
•Use your mobile device to add yourself to the XB1, PS4 and PC platforms via the face scan “NBA 2K17”.You can click to download
•Earn a virtual currency every day
•Use live NBA game data to pick and win the mini game
•Purchase host items from a self-created player store
•At any time you can watch 2KTV through your device
• Quick game, season tournament and street ball challenge and other game modes
• Buy and sell cards at the auction site
• More than 300 NBA 2016-2017 season new cards and more historical players

I have not jumped into any other pattern yet, but that of course is promising. The main purpose is to get my crew together online game and it will be more of a study to get there. According to your approach, you need an average of about 300 +/- per game, and the game is easier last year. I tried to make my foul burr, only 150 VC. Last year you can do this and you will be very easy to 500+. But if we can buy Cheap MyNBA2K17 RP the favorite NBA player card at, then we are in the Challenge or the conflict are Can win. Here I will introduce some of the game skills to everyone:

First, no more quick to play So there is no more isolation, send a person into the post, run the shooter to close the screen and so on. So basically you can not command the traffic as a PG. You can set action attacks, but they are very inconsistent if you move the ball too much and it basically guarantees you want to take it. Back to the fast-break player’s thing, though, most NBA crimes are almost completely running. Few teams run their movements if you have a guy like Jordan you do not want to. For me it is incredible that you can not send him to his post and feed him. You can take him there, but you can not send him there, let him get the first place. It was he made the last 3 peat. Maybe this option is available, but I definitely can not find it anywhere.

All the teams played 4 points and 1 inch. It makes sense if you are like a team like a fighter, but it is zero if you take the 86 Celtics. Kevin McHale will not enter this position, he will go out at three points, hurry to rest. It just does not make any sense 2K. Why should he do that? Only a handful of NBA teams are doing it now. I have a theory that they make this game too much to suit the current warriors, but I will explain it. In addition, when you quickly rest, people will not run to the basket, they will always run very wide.

The computer is tilted on the screen and dribble for three points, with too much accuracy. It was me back to the warrior and the problem Steph Curry made 2K, so good in real life. Curry can do this. He can stop a penny, walk on the screen, back, play three in someone’s face. The problem is by putting it into the game, a ton of other players who should not do this can also do this. Luol Deng just hit me four people reference. Not Deng is not a good shooter, but he will not dribble to pull up a screen tilted to his right, with one hand to hit you three times a quarter. In addition, the Warriors play 4 out and 1 into, always quick to rest. I think that to ensure that warriors do it in the game, they have to put it in the game for everyone. But they are really the only team that is particularly stupid when you take a classic team. Dennis Rodman did not have a quick break business. A lot of things are more difficult, but every year you are used to them and master them.

Madden NFL Rugby Football Series Legends of Sports Competitions

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For sports fans, you can experience a virtual game in the operation of their favorite star or team and win the thrill of victory, to obtain the establishment of the dynasty of the glory, and in the rich game content to experience their favorite sports all aspects are no doubt Is a very attractive choice. Soccer crazy teenagers and young adults like the virtual world in the game, they want to play for their favorite team, let their dreams come true. In this game, they can show off their skills and their game knowledge. This keeps them sticky to the game.

Madden NFL

Madden NFL crazy football series is EA’s one of the signs of sports competition game. Even more interesting is that the Madden NFL series is not only famous in the North American game circle, and even the NFL coach and the players have a lot of open that he had from the game to find tactical inspiration, practice how to form an array, and To simulate the game.

In addition to the host platform, Madden NFL to enter the field of mobile games is also quite smooth. If you have iOS, Android or Windows can now download at any time to play. EA released to the iOS platform Madden NFL Mobile, and released a few days later quickly into the forefront of the US iOS income list.

Although there is no host platform like the 3A screen, but this game in the hand tour platform has been relatively good, realistic scene design, smooth character movements, whether it seems to play or enough to make players feel immersive. In the role of design, you may not see Colin Kapernick body tattoo or Drew Brees vaguely hair, but these athletes are tall and the body is very accurate design, their back name can also let the players do not admit.

The game in the athletes to do the animation is very smooth, whether it is steals or running on the pitch, the effect is very realistic, surrounded by the audience from time to time came the accent, the game sound production allows players to get the scene watching The same realism, and that the game is running on Android and iOS devices are very smooth. In addition, the rich play also makes the game playability and life to further extend. Life can be through the card package and the purchase of gold coins and other continuation, but need a cheap and safe site is necessary, as a senior gamer I are at choose to buy Madden Mobile Coins.Not only affordable but also ready to buy MT, they are committed to offer within 30 minutes.

EA’s strong financial and elite technical team support for the success of this series laid the foundation for continuous improvement of the screen performance, the game is really realistic and the rich content of the game so that the leading position of this series has been consolidated, with rich Online and offline advertising, activities, star endorsement, cross-platform landing operations and other means of cooperation, Madden NFL series has become a well-deserved leader in the field of football games.

Now the Madden Challenge is also in progress, we can EA real-time attention to your worship of God dynamic, but also learn some of the game in the cool operation.