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Prepare More Animal Crossing Items to Better Enjoy the Second Summer Update

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The second summer update in Animal Crossing New Horizons is now available, with more added to the game. Apart from dreaming, save backups and a-week summer fireworks show, it also brings three new limited-time items for all players to order, namely the rodeo-style springy ride-on, the Hikoboshi outfit, and the Orihime outfit.

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What’s New in Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Version 1.3.1?

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Since Animal Crossing New Horizons was released in March 2020, it has been fascinated by worldwide players. To make it more attractive among players, it released a summer update not long ago and brought a list of 40 sea creatures and other new items for players to catch.

More than that, Nintendo also launched an update of version 1.3.1. The update resolves the glitch that was preventing players from walking over their zen bridges on the third tier of their island. It also fixes a number of issues linked to the swimming, diving, and wet suit update.

Full Patch Notes of Animal Crossing New Horizons Update Version 1.3.1
Fixed the following issues:
Addressed issue where players could not properly use a zen bridge or red zen bridge placed on top of a cliff (third tier).
Addressed issue where a wet suit would not be available for sale within Nook’s Cranny.
Addressed issue where hermit crabs would appear in places other than the beach.
Addressed issue where a dialogue bubble would improperly appear after speaking with island

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What’s New in Rocket Pass 6 Week 15 Challenges?

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Rocket Pass 6 Week 15 Challenges are available for such platforms as PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch. Both regular players and Rocket Pass owners are access to earn more tier points and upgrade their level in the game by doing new tasks. Here is everything that you should know about this week of Rocket Pass 6.

Rocket League Rocket Pass 6 Week 15 Challenges and Rewards
Free Challenges and Rewards
The Complete Package – Get 5 Saves, Assists, or Goals in any Casual Playlist
Party Time – Play 4 Online Matches while in a party
Extra Fun – Win 3 Online Matches in any Extra Modes Playlist

Premium Challenges and Rewards
Get Organized – Play an Online Match with the D-Fragged Decal
Final Countdown – Earn 65,432 XP
1337 G@M3R – Score 1,337 total points across any Competitive Playlists

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Some Small Updates to the Improvements of Path of Exile Harvest Expansion

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The Harvest expansion, available in Path of Exile on June 19 for PC and a week later for PS4 and Xbox One, has been downloaded and played for millions of players. During this period, GGG has received lots of feedback from players. To make it more attractive and playable among players, GGG has made some updates according to the feedback given by players. In case that you may miss it, we introduce the recent changes made by GGG about Harvest.

Some Small Updates Made for Harvest Expansion
3.11.0b Patch Notes:
Fix distorted textures on DirectX11 for some users.
Fixed various client and instance crashes.

3.11.0c Patch Notes:
Fixed a bug where the amount of Rage a Berserker could have could become invalid.
Fixed some Harvest crafting options that either crashed or didn’t work.
Fixed a variety of other client and instance crashes.

3.11.0d Patch Notes:
Fixed an instance and related client crash.

3.11.0e Patch Notes:
Fixed an issue where some Harvest monsters would flee much more often than intended.
Fixed a bug where some Unique items were yielding more Perandus Coins than intended when sacrificed. This primarily affected Unique items that do not ordinarily drop.
Fixed a bug where the “Upgrade an Engineer’s Orb to an Infused Engineer’s Orb” Harvest craft only required 10 Lifeforce, rather than 100.
Fixed a bug where the Combat Control notable passive didn’t prevent Warcries from Exerting travel skills.
Fixed a bug causing the unique ring Storm Secret and unique amulet Retaliation Charm to drop earlier than intended.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when upgrading a Blight Tower.

3.11.0e Hotfix:
Fixed a bug where a Harvest crafting method could give items with Abyss Sockets additional Abyss Sockets.

3.11.0f Patch Notes:
Added highlighting to key words in Harvest crafting descriptions.
Fixed a bug where Wave of Conviction, when supported by Arcanist Brand, was hitting more often than intended against stationary monsters.
Fixed a bug where various objects (including enemies) could be invisible.
Fixed a client crash that could occur when using Ballista Totem Support.
Fixed an instance crash that could occur when opening map portals while using the Random Portal Variation setting.

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Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes 

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In recent days, Battlestate Games has made frequent upgrades to Escape from Tarkov so as to make it more attractive to players. Here is what you can expect from the newest update For more information about Escape from Tarkov, you can go to Lolga.com.

Full List of Escape from Tarkov Update Patch Notes


Dogtags taken from PMCs should now have “found in raid status”. This status can be lost the same way as it is for other items.

Added prioritization of items for crafting and building in the hideout. Items without the “found in raid” status are used first, while items with the “found in raid” status will be used later.


One of the bugs causing FPS drop on interface screens

Sharpness change of shadow cascades, now the transition between different shadow rendering quality is smoother

One of the spawn bugs, when some AIs on the location could be invisible to the player

One of the bugs causing grenades explosion without sound and effects

Flea market interface bug when an infinite loading indicator appeared on top of the menu

Bug displaying blood drops effect on the screen if there is a character nearby that takes damage from barbed wire

Bug of taking damage from a barrel with fire if it is hit by another player

Bug with saving the scroll bar position when switching between merchants

Bug when the last outdated item wouldn’t disappear after error

Spamming error when extracting through car after grenade explosion

Error 1508 when adding an offer to the flea market with items added in 12.6 patch

Error.Collider.ContainsPoint.GetVolumeByPosition (or .isolatedVolumes)

Error during creation of character EXCEPTION: System.InvalidOperationException: Sequence contains no matching element

Some errors while loading after raid end

Various minor errors and issues

Fixes related to binaural audio:

Kicking door out sound is now less muffled

Sound of movement while crouched and on minimal speed is now more quiet

Contusion sounds are now working properly with binaural audio

Various minor bug fixes

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