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If you want to know Rocket League play Raiders please pay attention lolga

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Rocket League” is the United States Psyonix game studio in its another game “supersonic stunt rocket chariot (Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars)” on the basis of research and development of the racing race leisure sports online games The Although the player’s evaluation of the “supersonic super rocket chariot” is not high, but Psyonix has always believed that the combination of racing and ball sports can be designed with innovative and playability, so has not given up, or even access to work Income to support the game’s continuous research and development, until July 2015 sequel “rocket League” finally landing PC and PS4 platform. The reserve to retain the former for the core play but more focused on team mode; to enhance the picture effect and adjust the visual style, but also increased the rich decorative system. The game experience has been greatly improved, bringing unprecedented success.

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The Rockets League is one of the best games on the PlayStation 4. It tries to perfectly blend the fast-paced racing with millions of people familiar with the sport. Go here for players to come back for years, Psyonix has done an excellent job to create a best multiplayer game experience.Rocket League is pure fun: before you stop playing, you will just want to play another game. Another and another .Rocket League may be just a glorious mini game, but its wild, tense and fast-paced game makes it one of the best multiplayer games of the PS4 so far. The Rocket League is the best of this generation One of the multiplayer gaming experiences. In contrast, single player is less active, but with the rocket league’s exciting social confusion, any personal movement can be. But you can buy Rocket League Trading deals 24/7 friendly service at

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The following Xiaobian for everyone to share the Rockets Union defensive skills Raiders details

Steal the ball

Operation: W key (+ left mouse button), can be used with shift key, can be used with A key or D key + double click the right mouse button

Introduction: direct steals are the most wonderful, the emphasis is on the player’s driving level and capture the ball’s arrival, the accuracy of the point of judgment, and then directly to the ball control the ball in front of the control range.

It is best in the other side of the vehicle away from the ball a body position, the use of accelerated to hit the ball, and hit the ball when the site depends on the subsequent placement, it is recommended to hit the car-free area (even if the teammates may be accidental injury You), then is to roll forward to accelerate or rocket advance to grab the ball.

2. steals (wounding)

Operation: W key (+ left mouse button), can be used with shift key, can be used with A key or D key + double click the right mouse button

Introduction: Another form of steal is relatively reckless, but compared to use, that is, directly hit the opponent, “Rockets Union” and no foul rules, so you can even use 100 rocket thrust to rival vehicles crash (the vehicle Will be temporarily scrapped 1 second), then you can open the ball away.

But if the opponent was guarding the ball, then the difficulty is relatively large, this time to hit the opponent, then it is likely that you need to hit more than one car, which led you can not find the first time after the impact of the placement, Can only expect teammates to win the ball or opponents mistakenly hit the ball back to their halftime.

3. Door protection (restricted area interception)

Operation: W key (+ left mouse button), can be used with shift key, can be used with A key or D key + double click the right mouse button

Description: The impact of the door is between the distance between the ball and the gatekeeper interception, that is, within the restricted area of ​​the interception.

Where the direction of the hitting the ball to choose the scope of the door frame, the best is to choose the reverse hit the ball (fall into the other half), if the direction of the opponent is the same direction, then the ball hit the ball On both sides or above the goal, with the ball around the border to rebound near the circle.

4. Smash the ball (second save)

Operation: W key (+ left mouse button), can be used with shift key, can be used with A key or D key + double click the right mouse button

Introduction: As long as the opponent driving to the restricted area, and the ball hit a parking space on the location of the shot, this time only when the ball is considered to be the ball, but if the rescue, the ball is still running to track or roll to the goal , Then save the ball to get points of the tips will not appear, then the ball is bound to be scored.

Players can use this to determine whether the need to make a second save, if the ball is relatively slow, the second is still necessary.

5. Line after the line after the ball (for all opponents)

Operation: W key (+ left mouse button), shift key, A key or D key + double click the right mouse button

Introduction: This is for your vehicle may be parallel to the opponent’s vehicle, but away from the opponent’s vehicle.

At this point you need a full speed to the door line, and then use the drift to the body stopped at the door line, and do the preparation to deal with the ball. Because you have been in the door line or the door line, your initiative is not large, so according to the direction of the ball quickly to make side flips, if the ball is more positive, the body alone can block the ball.

If the opponent is the ball rushed to the door, then this time you can use the slope of the gantry to obtain a certain momentum and then accelerated to hit in order to keep the ball who turned and won the ball.

Most of the line on the line of the ball, are “legendary save the ball.”

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The rocket league game mode is as important as its control. You can compete with another player one-on-one game or play four players on each side to play group stage. As the player increases, complexity and intensity will increase, while large games need more thought and effort to score every point behind. You can set the robot game to try any kind of game mode, but in fact you almost never learn how to win this way. This choice is really useful for practicing basic skills. Rocket League Now for some time now we have encountered an addictive game. Play this game to remind us why we first love the game.

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