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Epic Has Released Fortnite Season 8 Recap Videos – How to Get Yours

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Since Epic Games began to send out recap videos for players all over the world in Season 5, it has been a tradition for Fortnite players. The recap videos show different stats from the past season including things like how much time players spent, their favorite skin and other interesting facts. Now Fortnite Season 8 recap videos are available for eligible players. Let’s us see how to get your recap video.

Only those who have owned the Battle Pass for Season 8 and completed 20 weekly challenges can receive the Season 8 Recap video. If you did not own the Season 8 Battle Pass, you are not eligible for a Season 8 Recap video. If you are eligible to receive a Fortnite Season 8 Recap video, you are likely to receive an email from Epic Games with the subject Your Season 8 Recap Video!

Statistics and interesting facts included in the Season 8 Recap are as follows.
Players eliminated at The Block
Different Blocks landed at
Islands played in Creative
Games played of the Floor Is Lava LTM
X-4 Stormwing Planes shot down
Time spent in air

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