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Oberon Patch 8 for Albion Online Goes Live on All Servers РBring Combat Balance Changes and Bug Fixes  

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Albion Online Oberon has been released for several months since March 20, 2019. In order to make it more smooth, the developer Sandbox Interactive released an update on June 12, 2019, namely the Oberon Patch 8. This update contains some changes related to vanity-related items, server compensation, combat balance changes and bug fixes. Here is a brief introduction of the update.


Increased the radius around open-world exits (connections between clusters, as well as portals and dungeon entrances) within which furniture items cannot be placed

To avoid accidentally deleting items, ingame messages that still have items attached can no longer be deleted

Mobs in all Hellgates are now non-lethal

Combat Balance Changes

Morgana Raven

Raven Scream:

Cast Time: 1s -> 1.5s

Reactive Scream:

Cooldown: 120s -> 180s


Fixed an issue where channeling times displayed in tooltips for some items were not being calculated correctly

The debuff icon has been removed from the lava puddle of the Demon Cape

Fixed an issue where filtering the destination dropdown in the Travel Planner UI would lead to wrong fast travel target

Fixed an issue where the energy cost of Rending Swing was lower than intended (formerly 2, now 3)

Fixed an issue where the number of damage ticks caused by Bleeding (Axes) was lower than intended (formerly 4, now 5)

The Inner Focus buff is now removed when the weapon that triggered it is removed, as intended

Fixed an issue where switching overcharged equipment with high ping would sometimes unequip the item without removing the overcharge

Improved throne lighting in Conquerors’ Hall

Updated Marketplace subcategory for Knight Challenge furniture

Additional minor worldmap, UI, terrain, and localization fixes

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