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Lists of Rocket League Crates Rewards
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Something That You Should Know about Game Modes of Rocket League

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Rocket League is a sports-action game developed by Psyonix on July 7, 2015. In the game, player takes the wheel of a near-fully customizable vehicle in the third person perspective to play a version of soccer. As the sequel to Psyonix’s Supersonic Acrobatic Rocket-Powered Battle-Cars, Rocket League was praised for its gameplay improvements over Battle-Cars, as well as its graphics and overall presentation. Since release, Rocket League has attracted tons of players around the world.

Game Modes of Rocket League
There are seven game modes in Rocket League. If you are a beginner, you’d better know what they are so that you can choose the one that suits you.
Dropshot is a game mode added to Rocket League on March 22, 2017, where, instead of goals, players must break hexagonal floor panels into which the ball can fall. As the only mode to use the Core 707 arena, this game mode is all about damage.
Rumble is an epic battle royale-style addition which released on September 8th 2016 and comes stacked with randomized power-ups. Whether you’re equipped with the Haymaker, the Swapper, or the Tornado, each one of the 11 new power-ups brings an extra dimension to the classic Rocket League formula.Rocket League Rumble will appear in Online Playlists, Private matches and Exhibition matches.
Soccar is the standard gamemode in Rocket League. With team sizes from 1 to 4 players the goal is to score on the opposition using cars to hit a ball in to the opposing teams’ goal. Each match lasts 5 minutes of playing time. The team with the most goals after the 5 minutes have expired wins, if teams are tied they will play a golden goal extra time. It is possible to play Soccar on all maps except for Dunk House. The mode was the only mode available with the original release.
Hoops is a basketball-style game mode added on April 25, 2016,where the goals are replaced by two baskets. It is the only mode that uses the Dunk House arena. Similiar to Soccar except for the goals have been replaced by hoops, it is only possible to play Hoops on Dunk House. This mode was added to online and offline private matches in Patch 1.17 on April 25th 2016.
Snow Day
Snow Day was the second game mode to be added to Rocket League. It is the same as the Soccar game mode except it is played with a Puck instead of a ball. It is only possible to play Snow Day on the DFH Stadium version Snowy and Utopia Coliseum version Snowy. The mode was added to online and offline private matches in Patch 1.11 on February 10th 2016.
Training is an offline game mode that is designed to help players practice and master a few of the most fundamental skills in the game. The training scenarios are essentially all about making contact with the ball but in different starting points and with different targets.
Practicing in training mode is a great way to get better quickly when starting out playing Rocket League, and coming back to practice the harder training levels can also help break through and maintain higher skill levels.
Ghost Hunt
Ghost Hunt was a limited-time mode, available in the ’80s Blockbusters phase of the Radical Summer event. Use your car’s Proton Pack to ensnare the ball and carry it to the opposing team’s Containment Zone. A point is scored if the ball remains in the Containment Zone for two seconds. Score more than the opposing team before time runs out.
Spike Rush
Spike Rush was a limited-time mode, available in the ’80s Culture phase of the Radical Summer event. All players have spikes which automatically engage after kickoff, allowing them to stick the ball to their car by driving into it. The ball carrier cannot use or collect boosts, is easily demolished by opposing players, and can manually disengage their car’s spikes to release the ball. Score by getting the ball into your opponent’s goal by any means.

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