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MyNBA2K17 new card and player operating skills

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Award winning game “NBA 2K” series of supporting applications “MyNBA2K17” has now returned. Equipped with features such as using your mobile device to scan your face into “NBA 2K17” and the opportunity to earn a virtual currency every day. “MyNBA2K17” allows you to go further with “NBA 2K17” on XB1, PS4 and PC platforms. “MyNBA2K17” also includes the “NBA 2K” theme card collection game “MyTEAM Mobile”, the game, players can collect their favorite NBA player cards and legends, in the fast game, season championship, street ball challenge And special events within the game include rivalry and championship challenges in the world of competitors. This year’s version includes more cards and the largest team so far!

Feature Guide:

• Integrate “NBA 2K17”:
•Use your mobile device to add yourself to the XB1, PS4 and PC platforms via the face scan “NBA 2K17”.You can click to download
•Earn a virtual currency every day
•Use live NBA game data to pick and win the mini game
•Purchase host items from a self-created player store
•At any time you can watch 2KTV through your device
• Quick game, season tournament and street ball challenge and other game modes
• Buy and sell cards at the auction site
• More than 300 NBA 2016-2017 season new cards and more historical players

I have not jumped into any other pattern yet, but that of course is promising. The main purpose is to get my crew together online game and it will be more of a study to get there. According to your approach, you need an average of about 300 +/- per game, and the game is easier last year. I tried to make my foul burr, only 150 VC. Last year you can do this and you will be very easy to 500+. But if we can buy Cheap MyNBA2K17 RP the favorite NBA player card at, then we are in the Challenge or the conflict are Can win. Here I will introduce some of the game skills to everyone:

First, no more quick to play So there is no more isolation, send a person into the post, run the shooter to close the screen and so on. So basically you can not command the traffic as a PG. You can set action attacks, but they are very inconsistent if you move the ball too much and it basically guarantees you want to take it. Back to the fast-break player’s thing, though, most NBA crimes are almost completely running. Few teams run their movements if you have a guy like Jordan you do not want to. For me it is incredible that you can not send him to his post and feed him. You can take him there, but you can not send him there, let him get the first place. It was he made the last 3 peat. Maybe this option is available, but I definitely can not find it anywhere.

All the teams played 4 points and 1 inch. It makes sense if you are like a team like a fighter, but it is zero if you take the 86 Celtics. Kevin McHale will not enter this position, he will go out at three points, hurry to rest. It just does not make any sense 2K. Why should he do that? Only a handful of NBA teams are doing it now. I have a theory that they make this game too much to suit the current warriors, but I will explain it. In addition, when you quickly rest, people will not run to the basket, they will always run very wide.

The computer is tilted on the screen and dribble for three points, with too much accuracy. It was me back to the warrior and the problem Steph Curry made 2K, so good in real life. Curry can do this. He can stop a penny, walk on the screen, back, play three in someone’s face. The problem is by putting it into the game, a ton of other players who should not do this can also do this. Luol Deng just hit me four people reference. Not Deng is not a good shooter, but he will not dribble to pull up a screen tilted to his right, with one hand to hit you three times a quarter. In addition, the Warriors play 4 out and 1 into, always quick to rest. I think that to ensure that warriors do it in the game, they have to put it in the game for everyone. But they are really the only team that is particularly stupid when you take a classic team. Dennis Rodman did not have a quick break business. A lot of things are more difficult, but every year you are used to them and master them.