How to Upgrade a House in Animal Crossing New Horizons

If you are a beginner to Animal Crossing New Horizons, you will start off in a tent when you embark on a deserted island. Its function is the same as the house but it cannot be expanded. It only has a mailbox and windows, except the light switch is not available and the wallpaper and flooring cannot be changed. As the tent is very simple, you will want a house when play for a quite period of time.

How to Get a House and How Much Does It Cost?
If you want to get a house, you must pay off the Deserted Island Getaway Package with Nook Miles to upgrade to a house. To achieve it, you’ll need to speak to Resident’s Services. You can speak to Tom Nook and he’ll offer you a loan on a house. Of course, you should pay Tom Nook’s initial 5,000-mile fee for the island and take out a loan of 98,000 Bells. Moreover, the house will be built in a day. After it is built, you can decorate it according to your preference.

How to Decorate a House in Animal Crossing New Horizons?
As soon as you have your first house, you will have more options to add items to your room. Besides, Tom Nook will offer packages on extensions and remodelling, significantly increasing your space. All these can be done with bells. With enough bells, you can add new rooms in your house and decorate it with more furniture. If you are short of Animal Crossing Bells, is definitely your first choice. A large stock of Animal Crossing Bells for hot sale at our platform with cheap price, fast delivery and 100% safety guaranteed. As one of the best trading stores in the market, we offer high quality Animal Crossing Bells and Animal Crossing Items to satisfy all Animal Crossing New Horizons fans. Buying Animal Crossing Bells from us will help you save both time and money!

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