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Escape from Tarkov, as a tactical survial game, has been extremely popular with global players since December 2019. EFT is a game concerning survival, so players are needed in-game currencies and items to equip a powerful character.

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Something about Escape From Tarkov Money
Currencies can be looted across all maps, in various loot containers, safes, wallets and on random furniture. There are four types of currencies in Escape from Tarkov. Here is something that you should know about each one.
Escape From Tarkov Roubles – the most used currency, which is obtained by looting or selling to all dealers except Peacekeeper.
Escape From Tarkov Dollars – the main currency of Peacekeeper, which is obtained by looting, buying from Peacekeeper LL1, or selling to Peacekeeper.
Escape From Tarkov Euros – mostly used for buying from Mechanic, which is obtained by looting or buying from Skier LL2.
Escape From Tarkov Bitcoins – the physical equivalent of Bitcoin crypto currency (0.2 BTC value), which can be obtained from Bitcoin Farm.

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