Madden NFL 18 has the greatest cover and the latest technology

Tom Breddy’s nickname “Tom Terrific”, American football quarterback, since 2000, played the NFL United under the command of the New England Patriots. Tom Brady at the University of Michigan because he often led the team to restore the defeat has a “comeback Kid” (Comeback Kid) nickname, joined the New England Patriots in 16 years won five Super Bowl champion and 2 runner-up, personal 4 times won the Super Bowl MVP, known as the NFL history, the greatest quarterback. In 2005 was “Sports Illustrated” as the best athletes, in 2006 by “Forbes magazine” as one of 100 celebrities. He was also regarded by the University of Michigan as one of the most proud alumni.

2017 Super Bowl, he was also invited as Intel’s advertising starring, Super Bowl advertising fee of $ 5 million per second, enough to know Tom Brady’s popularity and influence. Tom Brady said he was honored to serve as a new cover for the NFL game, and he said he liked the NFL game very much and lived in the San Francisco Bay area near EA headquarters, and he liked the challenge very much. Madden NFL 18 marks the beginning of the frenzied roll out for all major sports simulations, most of the ones coming from EA Sports. Madden has historically been one of the top-selling franchises when it comes to video games across all platforms and, based on The Madison NFL 18 in a total of three game modes: Arcade, Simulation and Competition. And Madden NFL 18 also added a new story mode and new ways To team up and play with friends.

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Electronic Art There are some of the best visual engineers in the game industry, and publishers now bring this graphical firepower to the football simulator. Madden is the latest game to make Frostbite jump. In 2013, EA announced plans to convert most of its internal development into DICE tools. However, the sports franchise is lagging behind. In contrast, Madden, FIFA and NHL continue to run on EA’s Infinity Engine because of the franchise’s annual release plan and may give EA engineers the Frostbite’s physical modeling to accurately handle simulated sports.

According to the company’s material to shareholders, EA is Madden NFL football franchise to Fastbite graphics engine, starting from Madden 18. Frostbite is the same technology for the visual effects of EA’s striking striker “Battlefield 1” and “Star Wars: Battlefield”. Battlefield developer DICE created Frostbite, and now EA has a engineering team dedicated to updating and maintaining these tools. This means for Madden players that the next franchise can have higher graphics fidelity than ever before – or at least that’s EA promising.

But in 2016, EA finally moved the football game to FIFA 18¬†Frostbite, the results are generally very popular. At least, the visual effect is a significant upgrade to FIFA 16, which you can see from Digitalfoundry’s failure:

“Our Madden NFL franchise will be transformed with the Madden NFL 18 for the Frostbite engine,” sending a note to EA investors. The main visual progress and new gaming experience will inspire a dedicated Madden player, soccer fans and sports fans as a whole.

Of course, FIFA also proves that a new engine is not a magic bullet. FIFA 17 is still using EA Sports for many previous animations, which we may see at Madden this summer.