Madden NFL Rugby Football Series Legends of Sports Competitions

For sports fans, you can experience a virtual game in the operation of their favorite star or team and win the thrill of victory, to obtain the establishment of the dynasty of the glory, and in the rich game content to experience their favorite sports all aspects are no doubt Is a very attractive choice. Soccer crazy teenagers and young adults like the virtual world in the game, they want to play for their favorite team, let their dreams come true. In this game, they can show off their skills and their game knowledge. This keeps them sticky to the game.

Madden NFL

Madden NFL crazy football series is EA’s one of the signs of sports competition game. Even more interesting is that the Madden NFL series is not only famous in the North American game circle, and even the NFL coach and the players have a lot of open that he had from the game to find tactical inspiration, practice how to form an array, and To simulate the game.

In addition to the host platform, Madden NFL to enter the field of mobile games is also quite smooth. If you have iOS, Android or Windows can now download at any time to play. EA released to the iOS platform Madden NFL Mobile, and released a few days later quickly into the forefront of the US iOS income list.

Although there is no host platform like the 3A screen, but this game in the hand tour platform has been relatively good, realistic scene design, smooth character movements, whether it seems to play or enough to make players feel immersive. In the role of design, you may not see Colin Kapernick body tattoo or Drew Brees vaguely hair, but these athletes are tall and the body is very accurate design, their back name can also let the players do not admit.

The game in the athletes to do the animation is very smooth, whether it is steals or running on the pitch, the effect is very realistic, surrounded by the audience from time to time came the accent, the game sound production allows players to get the scene watching The same realism, and that the game is running on Android and iOS devices are very smooth. In addition, the rich play also makes the game playability and life to further extend. Life can be through the card package and the purchase of gold coins and other continuation, but need a cheap and safe site is necessary, as a senior gamer I are at choose to buy Madden Mobile Coins.Not only affordable but also ready to buy MT, they are committed to offer within 30 minutes.

EA’s strong financial and elite technical team support for the success of this series laid the foundation for continuous improvement of the screen performance, the game is really realistic and the rich content of the game so that the leading position of this series has been consolidated, with rich Online and offline advertising, activities, star endorsement, cross-platform landing operations and other means of cooperation, Madden NFL series has become a well-deserved leader in the field of football games.

Now the Madden Challenge is also in progress, we can EA real-time attention to your worship of God dynamic, but also learn some of the game in the cool operation.

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