MLB The Show 18 Stubs deserves the expectations of baseball enthusiasts

Your team. Your opponent. Your buddies. your hometown. No matter why you play or why you like baseball, MLB The Show 18 Stubs is for fans who love you. Show 18 offers baseball the way you want it, from the legend of the diamond dynasty’s past and the list of current superstars, to friends in retro mode games beating home runs to meaningful RPG progress on Road to TheShow┬«. Experience a faster and more satisfying baseball game that dominates the competition on the couch, on headphones and on diamonds. More home games, more epic games, more traditional legends, all less time. For those who desire the best baseball.

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New franchise model interface has huge improvements

On the one hand, the franchise model has hardly added any new features. This is obviously not a good thing. On the other hand, we saw the introduction of new “phase” concepts and new navigation and menus. This mode has always allowed you to play in various ways, but this year’s setting will take it to a new level.

You can still play full or quick counts, lock players, simulate or manage games. You can even play some games on your schedule with a useless retro mode. In addition, the new home screen lets you browse your organization’s year from one place. You can choose to have more in-depth experience with all aspects of the model, but there are some simple ways to choose your immersion in all aspects of the function.

This is not only a function-centric enhancement but also a structural upgrade. This is still worth something.

More content and flexibility Diamond Dynasty

The Diamond Dynasty slowly but surely became the best collector mode in sports video games. This mode has many layers, cards and challenges. There are many road maps to get content this year. There are 30 new legends and dynamic rating cards that fluctuate with the performance of current players.

This model was very good last year, but its attractiveness was rightly polluted after the release of terrible server performance. In the end, it has become better, but the problem has continued for a long time, and it is impossible to eliminate the taint of early problems.

On the first day, the server was running and my game had intermittent problems. These issues include the collapse of my first game. This is terrible, but compared with last year’s experience, this is an obvious improvement. In addition, the game was played for a while after midnight when the server had only one hour of activity.

Subsequent DD games performed better. A comprehensive assessment of online performance is impossible, but it is certain that fans will be better connected this year.

The new Vault interface is very good

Sometimes the simplest things will impress me. For those of us who create and primarily search for user-created content, the new look to the vault is a welcome upgrade. The new thumbnail preview makes all sense in the world. This is a miracle that takes a long time to implement.

In other words, I can’t think of seeing it in various forums that I have read. Anyway, Bravo SSDS.

The Create-A-Player tool is as profound as ever

This will take some time, but the CAP tool in MLB The CAP is second only to WWE 2K. The addition of batting gesture creators and editors only improves quality. You can make any player past, present or imaginary. This is the dream of the creator of the roster.

Demonstration improvement

I like Harold Reynolds instead of MLB The Show. His performance in MLB The Show 17 is frightening and the overall approach to comment processing has been poor for years. This year, Mark De Rosa replaces Reynolds. De Rosa, Matt Vasgersian, and Dan Plesac recorded comments in the same booth.

Although it doesn’t have a dialogue like NBA 2K, you can certainly hear something different from previous years. In order to make full use of new comments, you must enter the franchise model. As your season progresses, comments become more relevant and add to the immersion.

The new camera angle in RTTS has also increased the presentation content, but it also has other gadgets, such as player emotions, crowd animations, the signature part of the baseball field, etc. These are by far the best versions of The Show.

When you compare Show 18 with other sports video games, there will be some satisfactory features missing, but if we want to judge the current features and core game play, then the latest works of the series will maintain its impressive The winning streak record. The game looks better, plays more smoothly, and is easier to navigate behind the scenes. Although it lacks some works, it is still a winner. There is too much to like because it is not valued by baseball enthusiasts.