Nintendo’s Presentation in CEDEC 2020 Conference about Villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons

CEDEC 2020 Conference, which was held recently, attracted developers and others of computer entertainment including video games industry. In the event, Nintendo detailed their crafting process of unique villagers in Animal Crossing New Horizons. Here is what you can know about the process.

– Animal Crossing: New Horizons has roughly 400 unique villagers
– the goal was for each player to have their own unique set of villagers to show off to others
– to make the villagers beloved by players, the team needed to design characters players would “want to interact with”
– Nintendo also wanted to make villagers that players enjoy watching to see what they’re doing
– designs start with the silhouette, as each villager has a distinctive silhouette by species
– silhouettes are very simple by design, as getting to specific limits the sort of animal variety the developers can use
– the challenge was making characters unique, while also not standing out too much overall
– Nintendo said this approach allows for freedom, as a cat can look like a cat from afar, but it can have a unique design up close
– when deciding each of the villagers’ personalities, the developers looked towards real-life
– the team decided how each of the five personalities is perceived in terms of appearance
– this can create a sense of connection towards the villagers, as players can imagine them being similar to someone they know
– all 35 villager species are designed to draw out the distinctive traits of their species
– the feelings are expressed the same no matter the species in order to help further the connection between with players
– villagers have two general categories of actions, ones that they enact themselves and ones that are derived from their situation
– this includes eating, doing yoga, sweeping the floor, fishing, and more
– villagers with an interest in music will be seen more frequently singing
– villagers who like to read will be seen reading more
– Nintendo adjusts the frequency of actions and patterns to make the villagers seem as if they have their own will
– villagers will also change their clothes to fit what they are doing, further giving this impression
– actions where the villagers find something and do something depending on what the villagers happen to see at the time
– the change from “doing their own thing” to “doing something with what they found” happens automatically
– the developers made it so that the villagers will look at the object and ponder about it before switching to interacting
– as players interact more and more with the villagers and see how they act, each player will get to make their own memories

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