Rocket League V1.76 Update Available for All Platforms

Just a few days ago, Psyonix announced that a brand-new mode called Heatseeker would go live on April 16. Before its reveal for all platforms, the developer launched an update of v1.76 version in order to make everything go smoothly in Rocket League. The new update does not contain much content, and it is mainly about some bug fixes.

As Psyonix said before, the new 3v3 Heatseeker mode makes it easy for players to score goals. Therefore, lots of players are excited to have a try in this mode. To make it more appealing and attractive to players, Psyonix has done their best to fix problems that may occur in Rocket League.

Here is the full patch notes of the v1.76 update. As we saide above, the v1.76 update is all about bug fixes. It fixes a bug with Quality filter during trade-ins, and also fixes appearance of ball indicator on Forbidden Temple. Now, the v1.76 update is available for PC, PS4, Xbox One and Switch.

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