Use Madden mobile card pack to select your favorite game mode

If you like American football games, Madden NFL Mobile is one of the most popular Android phone games and iOS your brother. EA Mobile as the publisher and developer of this game is doing expert sports games. EA sports game output really can not doubt, with 3D graphics and games play definitely cool. The output EA game has become a gamer for today’s magnet.

In this game, we will build an American football team in this game where there are a lot of players from past and present times, mobile EA might want to provide us with knowledge and do not know much about the land of Uncle Sam’s game. Compared to his football match, FIFA, everyone already knows a lot of football. In this game, we will play 16 games, our goal is to win the Super Bowl. In this game, we can also compete with other players in the field of activities skills and strategy. And cool again every live event will be a lot of awards waiting for you, from top players, coins, player packs, and so on.

On the other hand, players can choose to spend money to buy bundles as well as if they are willing to wrap. The purchase process is well simplified to allow the player to make the most easy purchase. This gives the player an easy opportunity to advance to a higher level in the game. I have always been buying Madden Mobile Coins instantly and thinking 24/7 friendly service LOLGA. Now not only established their own strong team, but also in the game with the master also learned a lot of different techniques and techniques.

Madden mobile NFL with all the players and all the necessary cards. An exact imitation of the actual playground, it presents a chance to stop as a viewer and enter the game. Through the “live event” and “season” mode, players can choose the mode they want to play.

A. On-site activities

In the live mode of activity, we can follow the practice of throwing, running, landing, kicking until the last time practicing short games. In addition, there are practice head to head and several other events. But in Live Events here, all events have a grace period, in other words, Live events always change every day. For every successful event you win, you are eligible to reward in the form of money and mystery cards.

B. head to head

Head to head repeatedly appeared in the live event, but head to head has its own column. Here you can fight against other teams from around the world (opponents). In addition, you can hit your own friend – this terkonek facebook- (friend). In this mode you need to win every game and collect as many fans as possible if you are lost and then ready to lose your fans. That’s how this game hugs the karibi fans. It’s ok.

C. season

Like a sports league, the season mode will show you a season for your team’s race schedule. Every game you pass, then you have the right to get a sum of money if you win will be better than if you lose money. Match match you will face until you finally do the last round, or in the NFL called Super Bowl. If you win the Super Bowl, then you are eligible for next season, definitely harder.

D. League

In our league mode you can choose to play in tournaments or championships. But first of all we have to join a league first group, or at least you can pay 5,000 coins to create a group of their own league. Then you will be asked to form a logo according to your wishes to the name of the league. Then you and your colleagues can hit each other with the format head to head.

The graphics in this game also made a very cool brother, 3D graphics and pengambaran players are very detailed. This game also has the player’s skill skills. So do not neyesel mainin this game bro. You can download it at the Google Play Store and App Store. If you have already got what you want, you can use these items as much as possible to defeat your enemies in the game Madden NFL Mobile is famous for this game by EA Sports Developer. This game can be said to be one of the best games from EA sau with highly detailed graphics. So it promises not to regret playing this game

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